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  • What are your products made of?
    Most pieces are made with jesmonite which is an eco-resin. It is water-based, heat-resistant and VOC (volatile organic compounds) free, and is often used as a more sustainable alternative to concrete. Some of our festive pieces are also made with resin and earth-friendly glitter.
  • What is your making process?
    Each piece is designed & hand made in my studio in the Isle of Dogs, East London. Pigments are added to produce colours & everything is hand mixed & dyed.
  • What do you mean by 'one-off' pieces?
    By Shax products are handmade per order and will look slightly different to the product images. Every single piece is a one-off and cannot be replicated, which is part of our appeal as a small business with everything handmade by a single person in her studio. Pieces may also have small air bubbles, which is a result of the hand poured working process of jesmonite and is a natural, authentic finish.
  • How do I care for my new products?
    All our pieces are sealed with a water-based sealant which provides water repellency and long lasting protection. Jesmonite can be wiped with a soft cloth using warm water if required, but should never be dishwashed, microwaved, or dunked in water.
  • Is your packaging process sustainable?
    Each piece is packaged up in recycled tissue paper, wrapped in eco bubble wrap, protected by eco packaging peanuts (which can be dissolved in water!) and packaged into a recycled cardboard box. We try our best to be as low-waste as possible in every aspect of the making and packaging process.
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